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Offering professional interior and exterior residential painting services in Kingston and surrounding areas.

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Most established contractors will be booking a month or more ahead, so plan your paint project well in advance!

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Best time to Paint


Winter is typically slower for residential painting, (no exteriors!)  Things start to get busy around Mid -March, and we are sometimes booked well into late summer by May.  Some folks are surprised when they are given a two or three month wait time to do a project. A lot of people like doing paint projects after Christmas and before their kids are out of school for the summer. Canada has a very small window for exterior work, typically early June to mid-October.

Our Products


For most jobs, we work with Dulux Products . They can match most colour samples regardless of the source company. If you have another preference, we are happy to go with that as well. Please visit the Dulux website at to check out their excellent products.



Who buys the paint?

Usually we do, all you need to do is choose the colour and sheen level, which we are happy to assist you with.

Why do painters wear white?

There are several answers to this question, but I always prefer the most practical one. A lot of the paint we work with is white or lighter coloured, ( most primers, trim paint and ceiling paint)so wearing white extends the service life of our clothing.